Day 68

The last 30 some days I have taken off of working out and being strict with my diet. It was too much to handle on top of moving, several large school projects, and starting a new job. I really just had to buckle down on other priorities so my health took the back seat and quite a hit.

Yesterday was my first day back on plan, and boy am I sore. I forget how much starting over sucks but I don’t feel like I could have done it differently. I had way too much going on as it was and I needed to keep focused on other things.

Starting over is hard, but mental health is important. When you have too much going on it’s okay to put something on the back burner. Now that I am settled into my new position here at work and I have 5 days left of school (eeekk!) I can refocus my energy on my health and my body.

CW: 221

GW: 150

Here we go again!


  • Drink more water, this seems to be a constant struggle
  • Remember to eat and snack on time (to help my metabolism) because I get busy and forget
  • Be okay with my lack of progress with my body, and happy with the progress of my mental health

Day 34

Happy 4th of July!

First of all, confession time. I have totally put my fitness journey on pause the last week or so. We finalized our mortgage, signed on our house, and moved. I also took finals for the first section of my summer classes and simply survived.

Priorities, ya’ll. Balance is important.

But it is time to get back in the grove of things now that we are (somewhat) settled into our house. It still needs a lot of work and organizing (and purchases) before I will call it done. But it takes time to make a house a home.

I can feel my body slipping back into my old habits. We ate out a lot and I didn’t eat well. I haven’t hit my water goals. I haven’t done any planning.

But that’s okay. You have to give and take, and I had to lessen my focus on my fitness and turn my focus to finishing school and moving into our house.

So, I didn’t take my measurements because I know I will just feel bad about where I am, so I’m not going to worry about it right now. I will at the 60 day marker.


  • Drink water and reach my daily water goals.
  • Get back into the habit of meal and work out planning.
  • Get my pantry and fridge stocked with great food.
  • Get my bootie into the gym and get moving again.

My reminder to myself is just to be patient with myself. I am pretty awesome (I know) but I can only handle so much at once. Be kind to yourself.

Day 20

Today is a hard one, I really want to eat junk. Not to mention they have cake, cheese cake, and cookie samples sitting out here at work for everyone.. It’s right by my desk. I just keep aggressively chomping on carrots. I want to eat everything that’s not nailed down today and I know it’s because I’m stressed not because I’m actually hungry.

This whole house-buying thing combined with the college thing and with the job description change thing is kicking my rear-end.

I haven’t seen much progress on the scale but I’m excited to see my measurements on day 30. I have started to see my leg muscles come through and my belly shrink a bit. I keep reminding myself that even if the scale doesn’t move I am still making progress.

I keep having to remind myself that my health is my priority. Especially when I want to give up and go through the drive-thru, when I’m too tired and I don’t want to go work out. I have to keep reminding myself that this is going to pay off.

Don’t stop keep going!


Day 14

I am so sore today! I feel like a stiff board. Working out is defiantly catching up to me, but that’s a good thing because it means I’m getting stronger.

I decided not to get on the scale this week because I need to remind myself it’s not about the scale but about how I’m feeling and how taking care of my body is going to improve my life. It’s also the week no woman should weigh them self because it’s so out of whack. So I’m not.

I do feel stronger and I have more energy. I am sleeping better at night. I am proud of my progress so far and I’m not planning on stopping.


  • Recover! It will be nice to walk.
  • Drink drink drink, still having troubles reaching my water goals.



  • Motivation, so thankful I’ve stuck with it so far (longer than I have other times)
  • Supportive husband, who is doing great with my new way of life.


Short post because today is so busy but I wanted to check in!

Day 9

I’m down 8 pounds and it feels so good! I’m super sore as well, which I’m okay with. I had leg day Thursday, then went to TurboKick class on Friday morning. My legs are pretty shaky, but they are getting stronger.

I intended to go to the gym today and get cardio and arm day in. I’m super excited with my progress so far but I have a long ways to go!

I had a pretty bad day yesterday, and I really wanted to give in and have something sweet. But I’m glad I didn’t give in. I have to keep reminding myself that the short-term satisfaction I get when I go off plan, doesn’t help me reach my goals.

Keep those eyes on the prize!

Starting Weight: 223 lbs

CW: 215 lbs

GW: 150 lbs

I am not planning on taking measurements again until day 30. So stay tuned!

Goals for today:

  • Go work out
  • Drink enough water to reach my intake goal
  • Do some yoga to stretch out


  • Progress


  • I’m actually feeling pretty good today, no struggles yet.


Don’t you ever give up on your dreams! You keep your head down and keep pushing on. When the it gets tough, the tough get going.

Day 4

I sucked this past weekend. I have a friend come home (you may have seen on the gram) and I had a wedding and a ton of homework. I didn’t work out at all, ate not on plan, and drank too much. But it’s okay. It’s important to have balance. So today, I’m kicking tooshie.

The LifeSum App on my phone is saving my life. I can track everything there. It syncs with my watch so it tracks my exercise to make sure I’m counting those calories burned. It tracks my water, my measurements, my calories, and my macros. You can use the bar scanner function on the app, so you can just snap a picture of the bar code and it pulls up all the info. SO EASY! The search database on this is awesome. With MyFitnessPal I hated entering every single food and it’s info in each time. With LifeSum I just search it.

I’m also getting better with packing my lunch for work. Check out this meal from today’s lunch!


Today’s lunch was left over chicken breast, a plain sweet potato that I baked in the microwave, and a Green Giant steamer that is actually pretty good. I was so full, I could barely finish it. I have learned how full I become when I eat properly. I rarely over eat when I space my food out and it’s good for me. I have to make sure I meet my calorie goal at the end of the day.

Struggles I have Today:

  • Do better on the weekends so it doesn’t hurt my progress during the week.
  • Getting all my fluids in.

Praises I have Today:

  • Thankful I have gotten better at planning during the week. It’s helping me meet my food goals.
  • Not as sleepy today, except it was super hard to get up.


  • Make it to the gym tonight for leg day.

Day 1

Here we go (for the hundredth time honestly). I’ve decided to begin focusing on my health again. But this time is different. This time I have a true desire to change my situation. I’m tired of being uncomfortable, not just how people look at me, but actually how I feel. Sleeves being too tight, not being able to do some stretches because my belly is in the way, and more. I’m just ready.

So to help keep me accountable, I’m logging my progress here. Scary thought, but I don’t care. I made Henke House to have a group of women who support and empower each other. That’s what I wanted it for, that’s what I’ll use it for.

I was an athlete in high school. I was strong and fit, but I built no healthy eating habits. So when I stopped being active (and started birth control) I gained between 60-80 pounds.

I’m not so worried about the scale, it’s more about how I feel. I want to be able to keep up. I want to be able to hike with my husband and not get tired. I want to be active. I want to have kids eventually, and want to be able to play with them and be an example of health. So here are my measurements and goals, however my goal weight is flexible.

CW: 223 lbs GW: 150 lbs BFP: 40%

Right Arm: 16″     Left Arm: 15 1/4″

Bust: 47 3/4″

Waist: 42″

Hips:  16 3/4″

Right Thigh: 27″     Left Thigh: 16 3/4″

The struggles I’ve realized I have today:

  • I don’t drink enough water, at all.
  • I have trouble balancing meals throughout the day
  • I don’t eat enough, I need to have smaller meals but more snacks during the day to keep my metabolism going.
  • I don’t create routines with my work out habits, which is going to be difficult.


The praises for today:

  • I didn’t die at BeatBox class last night (if you have one of these classes near you, highly recommend. It’s cardio and strength using boxing and kick boxing and light weights)
  • I am sore, which means I’m gaining good muscle
  • I slept better last night after day 1 of eating better.
  • I feel better today as far as my gut.


Goals for this week:

  • Drink more water!!!
  • Drink more water, seriously.
  • Continue to eat better, especially this weekend.
  • Make some plans, write out my food plans and work out plans.
  • Go to the grocery, so I’m prepped with good food.