About Henke House


I’ve been asked what Henke House was created for, and for a while I really couldn’t pinpoint one single answer. I want the Henke House to be a safe place, a place where women can be themselves, share successes and troubles, learn more about anything they want to. I want to be around women who are encouraging and supportive. It’s world-altering when we all grow together.

So here at the Henke House,  you will find a bundle of things. It may be coupons one day and faith the next. It may be health tips or recipes that make your soul happy but the scale not. It’s okay to be yourself here.

I hope that you find something near to your heart. My goal when I started Henke House was to be better emotionally, spiritually, physically, and financially. I’m doing my part to bring you the best in all of these categories.

At the Henke House, the door is always open.