God Comes Through

I’ve heard that house buying, hunting, mortgage shopping, the whole kit-n-caboodle is really trying. Talk about testing your faith. Talk about uncertainty and learning patience and persistence.

After a rough year of moving around and job changes for me, we were living with my mother-in-law as my husband started his job after graduating. We started to house hunt and really got discouraged. Everything around us was going so fast that we couldn’t even view it, much less make an offer before it was gone. What we were able to see was either so run down or so small that it made buying it sound ridiculous. While we didn’t mind a little work, we didn’t have more money to spend on fixing a house that we just bought. We decided to wait.

After our last visit with our realtor, when we decided to put house hunting on the back burner, I went to my hair cut appointment. My normal girl was running really behind with an unexpected color, which was fine because I wasn’t in a hurry. My mind was still spinning from the poor news we had heard from the realtor. However, one of the other stylists offered to take me because she had a cancellation. Sure.

What happened next was God. After talking to this new stylist, her and her husband were about to list their house on the market, however they were hesitant because they needed a buyer who was flexible and would allow them to move out on their own time due to their new build. Their house was in a perfect location, in our price range, and the perfect ‘starter’ home for Aust and I. We made an appointment to come look at the house that Sunday. When I got home and shared what I learned with Austin, we just couldn’t help but feel God’s hand on this. I wrote the title to this blog post that night, I had faith that no matter what happened God would come through for us.

We went to see the house, and we fell in love. It was perfect for us. Now the issue became the mortgage. We saw two banks, both with long grueling processes, and neither turned out. Or they were offering not enough to purchase the house or wanted really high interest rates…. Okay God, I have faith. And I will be okay if we don’t get this house. We gave up on the mortgage, we texted the couple and let them know that we were giving it a few more days but it wasn’t looking good. After talking to my dad about our troubles with the banks, he recommended a mortgage company that we hadn’t heard of. I called over lunch that day, and gave our information. Austin and I didn’t get our hopes up. That evening, we were at the gym and my phone rang. I answered and began to cry. We were approved for more than we needed and could fill out the paperwork the next day.

Now, the down payment. Because of our struggles the year prior, we didn’t have much of a savings.. So we were racking our brains to see what we could do. We decided on a garage sale, I mean God had come through so far, right? Our family pitched in items and we raised over $5,000 at a GARAGE SALE. Ya’ll… that’s God.

We had more struggles where God came through again and again. We don’t realize it sometimes but God cares for us and he hears our hearts. He provides more than enough. I sit in my house now and I finish up this story and my heart is over-flowing. I am blessed more than I deserve and more than I could ever match. God hears our wishes and opens doors with perfect timing.

So if you have a dream, even if it seems impossible and maybe it’s been hard, give it to God and be patient. He does amazing things.

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