Roomba Review

This purchase took some major research and going back and forth, forth and back, and then changing our minds again. It’s hard to determine if something like this is worth the price point. I mean, you can vacuum yourself, right?

Here is the problem in our house, we have two dogs. So there is a lot of in and out, meaning dirt. We have a very sandy back yard, for whatever reason in Indiana, so a lot of that comes in with the dogs. One of our dogs also sheds. It’s a lot to keep up with, and honestly we don’t keep up. I have family members who use the Roomba with dogs and they say it’s a life saver.

So we started researching the different kinds of Roomba’s, the other brands, the pros and cons of each model…. Honestly, it was pretty confusing.

Here is the jist of what all the reviews said, they all have negatives. There is not one single machine that will do all. Not even the super pricey ones. So we decided on what was most important to us. We needed a Roomba that could handle multiple surfaces. In our new house they pieced together the flooring so we have carpet, tile, wood, and floating floors all on the same level. We also needed a Roomba that could handle dog hair and fine particles of dirt/sand. We landed on the Roomba 890 series. This was the second tier model, priced normally at $499. Cringe.


I had to keep telling myself that if this thing works, it will be a huge time saver and sanity saver for our home.

We took it home and tried it, and it was so fun to watch. That little booger went all over, under the couch, in between the chairs in the dinning room. We then took it downstairs, where we don’t spend a lot of time but thought it was pretty clean, and it was so gross what the Roomba picked up. Don’t judge me, but here is a picture of the bin half way through the clean cycle.


The Roomba App is so helpful too, you can schedule your Roomba cleaning as well as get notified when Roomba’s bin is full, has low battery, needs help getting unstuck (because it happens) or has completed a cleaning. We have had ours a week and have had it cleaning at night. It is so awesome! I don’t regret the purchase at all, and I’d do it again. It has become a life saver to us, and it’s so nice to have clean floors.

I do have some complaints, or rather suggestions for our model:

  • The bin is small, I mean it is a robot that is thin, but with our dog hair it can get full pretty fast. The first time we ran it (which we hadn’t swept in a while) we emptied 3 times during the cycle. Now that it’s been cleaning every night it usually makes it through the whole cycle and needs emptied after.
  • When you tell it to go home on the App (return to the docking station) it doesn’t do it right away. Mine will clean sometimes for several minutes and then go back. It sometimes goes in the opposite direction of the home base.
  • It plays chicken with the stairs. It does stop and turn but man that thing looks like it will fall every time! Just don’t watch because it makes you nervous. Last thing I want is that expensive things crashing down the stairs.

Here are things I love:

  • It’s rather quiet, it runs in our sleep and doesn’t wake us up, even as it bumps into doors to turn around and sense corners.
  • I love that I can schedule it and forget it, expect I have to pick up the dog toys before bed, but I’ll do that for clean floors!
  • It goes over the rugs I have on the floor, no problem. I did switch one of the super thin rugs in the kitchen just because it would move with the Roomba. But all the others are fine.

If you are thinking about getting the Roomba, read the reviews out there. Do your research to find the one right for you and register the warranty. They aren’t perfect machines so protect your investment.


Here is the Amazon link to our Roomba 890 Series! If you watch, they will go on sale, we got ours for $100 off!

What else have you done to keep your sanity at home?

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