Day 68

The last 30 some days I have taken off of working out and being strict with my diet. It was too much to handle on top of moving, several large school projects, and starting a new job. I really just had to buckle down on other priorities so my health took the back seat and quite a hit.

Yesterday was my first day back on plan, and boy am I sore. I forget how much starting over sucks but I don’t feel like I could have done it differently. I had way too much going on as it was and I needed to keep focused on other things.

Starting over is hard, but mental health is important. When you have too much going on it’s okay to put something on the back burner. Now that I am settled into my new position here at work and I have 5 days left of school (eeekk!) I can refocus my energy on my health and my body.

CW: 221

GW: 150

Here we go again!


  • Drink more water, this seems to be a constant struggle
  • Remember to eat and snack on time (to help my metabolism) because I get busy and forget
  • Be okay with my lack of progress with my body, and happy with the progress of my mental health

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