Day 34

Happy 4th of July!

First of all, confession time. I have totally put my fitness journey on pause the last week or so. We finalized our mortgage, signed on our house, and moved. I also took finals for the first section of my summer classes and simply survived.

Priorities, ya’ll. Balance is important.

But it is time to get back in the grove of things now that we are (somewhat) settled into our house. It still needs a lot of work and organizing (and purchases) before I will call it done. But it takes time to make a house a home.

I can feel my body slipping back into my old habits. We ate out a lot and I didn’t eat well. I haven’t hit my water goals. I haven’t done any planning.

But that’s okay. You have to give and take, and I had to lessen my focus on my fitness and turn my focus to finishing school and moving into our house.

So, I didn’t take my measurements because I know I will just feel bad about where I am, so I’m not going to worry about it right now. I will at the 60 day marker.


  • Drink water and reach my daily water goals.
  • Get back into the habit of meal and work out planning.
  • Get my pantry and fridge stocked with great food.
  • Get my bootie into the gym and get moving again.

My reminder to myself is just to be patient with myself. I am pretty awesome (I know) but I can only handle so much at once. Be kind to yourself.

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