Day 14

I am so sore today! I feel like a stiff board. Working out is defiantly catching up to me, but that’s a good thing because it means I’m getting stronger.

I decided not to get on the scale this week because I need to remind myself it’s not about the scale but about how I’m feeling and how taking care of my body is going to improve my life. It’s also the week no woman should weigh them self because it’s so out of whack. So I’m not.

I do feel stronger and I have more energy. I am sleeping better at night. I am proud of my progress so far and I’m not planning on stopping.


  • Recover! It will be nice to walk.
  • Drink drink drink, still having troubles reaching my water goals.



  • Motivation, so thankful I’ve stuck with it so far (longer than I have other times)
  • Supportive husband, who is doing great with my new way of life.


Short post because today is so busy but I wanted to check in!

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