Favorite Fourth Of July Outfits 2018

It’s coming, and I realized I have NO outfits to fit the bill. We move into our new house that week so I wanted something easy to be able to throw on and go enjoy family after I’ve been unpacking all day. I found some super cute stuff!

I wanted to share with you my finds, so you can look super cute (and comfortable).

FIRST.  My ultimate favorite boutique. Filly Flair. They have a whole list of Americana themed goodies! Go. GO NOW. I won’t even be mad that you don’t read the rest of this post because you went to this link.



2. Check out NanaMacs Boutique. I love shopping small and they have some cute stuff. Be careful, this place is addictive. You may see me in both of these pieces!


3. Impressions Boutique also has some cute tops that you can pair with your favorite jeans and some fun earrings. This one came in first in my book. 1805141184000-2018052912073900-a80a7463romance-in-the-air-eyelet-top-in-red_1024x1024.jpg


4. You could also go the statement jewelry route. When I need reasonably priced jewelry that lasts longer, you can find me at Charming Charlies. You can almost always find coupons for this store, plus these Tassel Earrings are in right now. You can get them in Red or Blue and wear them with White. That’s as simple as it gets. You could turn an outfit you already have into a super cute American themed piece.


5. Don’t have time to order? Run to Target. They have a TON of options. Here is the list they have for 4th of July themed shirts and dresses. This one would be cute with a red skirt or pants. Or go blue. Talk about easy!



Tag us in your outfits! #henkehouse

We want to see your inspiring style, you are beautiful!

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