Day 4

I sucked this past weekend. I have a friend come home (you may have seen on the gram) and I had a wedding and a ton of homework. I didn’t work out at all, ate not on plan, and drank too much. But it’s okay. It’s important to have balance. So today, I’m kicking tooshie.

The LifeSum App on my phone is saving my life. I can track everything there. It syncs with my watch so it tracks my exercise to make sure I’m counting those calories burned. It tracks my water, my measurements, my calories, and my macros. You can use the bar scanner function on the app, so you can just snap a picture of the bar code and it pulls up all the info. SO EASY! The search database on this is awesome. With MyFitnessPal I hated entering every single food and it’s info in each time. With LifeSum I just search it.

I’m also getting better with packing my lunch for work. Check out this meal from today’s lunch!


Today’s lunch was left over chicken breast, a plain sweet potato that I baked in the microwave, and a Green Giant steamer that is actually pretty good. I was so full, I could barely finish it. I have learned how full I become when I eat properly. I rarely over eat when I space my food out and it’s good for me. I have to make sure I meet my calorie goal at the end of the day.

Struggles I have Today:

  • Do better on the weekends so it doesn’t hurt my progress during the week.
  • Getting all my fluids in.

Praises I have Today:

  • Thankful I have gotten better at planning during the week. It’s helping me meet my food goals.
  • Not as sleepy today, except it was super hard to get up.


  • Make it to the gym tonight for leg day.

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