Self Care is Not Selfish

One time I saw this saying on Tumblr, and it was so perfect for this topic. (If you are not familiar with Tumblr then bare with me.) This anon commented on a person’s blog, “you are mighty full of yourself, aren’t you?”
Rude anon, yeah sure. But this Tumblr’s response was puurrfect.
“Well no one else is going to do it.”
Insert smirk and half laugh as I imagine high-fiving this Tumblr person.
This has so much truth to it! I mean seriously, no one is going to take care of you the way that  you can (and should) take care of you. Only you can take a bubble bath with your favorite bath bomb. Only you know how awesome your toes look with your favorite color nail polish. Only you know how awesome you feel after accomplishing something you have been working towards, like running or a homework assignment, or whatever it is.
In our demanding world, most of the time the last person we take care of is ourselves. Give give give, clean, work for other people, cook dinner, chase our family members around until they are ready to go wherever is on the calendar for the night. I did this for two years before I totally hit bottom.
I was an emotional pile of goo.
Chances are if you  continued reading to this point, you are close to where I was.
I have learned how to protect my “me” time and make sure I’m taking care of myself. I found a few things that make a HUGE difference for me, maybe they will help you too.

  • The #1 thing I did for myself was spend more time with God. The man upstairs has an amazing way of calming your soul and helping you feel peace. I know this time has made a huge difference for my anxiety and my fears. I no longer fear the stress of the day ahead. I try to start my morning with this. Sometimes it can be hard if the house is awake and everyone is bustling around, but I try to find a quiet spot and really focus on connecting with him. (Looking for helpful tools? Check this out: )
  • If you are like me you have a planner where it’s all written out. If it’s not on the schedule it is not getting done. Even if my plan doesn’t go how I planned 85% of the time, it helps me keep organized. It’s how I plan my blog, my work outs, our meals, and keep track of homework and appointments. It is also how I schedule my “me” time. I schedule pedicures or time for whatever I want to do. I make sure I set time aside for me. There is a catch to this though, if you schedule it stick to it. Protect that time and don’t just give it up if something else comes along. If you have tombs this time, reschedule.
  • I had a friend give me awesome advice a few days ago. She said, “No is a complete sentence. It doesn’t require explanation.” Let that sink in for a minute. You do not have to explain your “no.” You do not have to feel guilty for using it. If you are out of energy and a friend asks you to go somewhere you don’t want to go, say no. If you don’t want to make dinner, say no. If you think something is taking way too much of your time, say no. You are Wonder Woman, but she rests too.
  • Create healthy habits. For me, this was making sure I exercised regularly and shaved my legs. (Yes, I have commitment issues with my razor) I always feel good after I do those things, even if I don’t feel like doing them at first.
  • I also try to eat healthier. I don’t count calories necessarily or watch the scale super closely. I simply replace my chocolate for carrots most of the time. When I am eating better and drinking more water I feel much better. I am ready to accomplish more and my mood is lifted. Maybe for you this is cutting out the fast food lunches and trying to pack from home more often. Or switching an energy drink for a green tea.
Try these out. Leave a comment below if you found something that works for you. You deserve “me” time. You can’t take care of everyone else if you haven’t cared for yourself.

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